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Joint Replacement
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Joint Replacement (Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement and Revision)

The specialists of Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic specialize in total hip and knee replacements and revisions, a safe, reliable solution for patients with severe arthritis. The specialists and friendly office staff are committed to your comfort and well-being, providing a variety of non-surgical options for treatment whenever possible. If joint replacement is necessary, they’ll work hard to make the experience as smooth and painless as possible. They’ll be patient with any questions you might have prior to the surgery, and can perform every step of the procedure, from diagnostic services to surgery and follow-up physical therapy, right there in the building.

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Common Questions

When does a joint need to be replaced?

The vast majority of joint replacements occur as a final treatment option for severe arthritis. However, there is a spectrum of non-surgical treatment options available. The specialists of Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic lead with these non-surgical treatments, and will take the time to work with you and determine the most conservative and effective form of treatment. If replacement isn’t necessary, they can help you develop routines and habits suited to your lifestyle that will prevent or postpone surgery.

How does a joint replacement surgery work?

Thanks to incredible advancements in the field, joint replacement surgery is now a minimally-invasive process. The specialists of Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic use small incisions, following a predictable pathway, so trauma is minimal and pain is very well-controlled. Patients spend one to two days in the hospital after surgery, and can generally resume with full activity within 3 to 6 weeks. A small amount of physical therapy helps speed recovery during this period, so the specialists have made these services available in their building as well.

Are joint replacement surgeries successful?

The specialists of Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic have found that more than 95% of patients who undergo joint replacement surgery are very satisfied with the outcome. They are relieved of most, if not all, of their pre-surgery pain, and are fully active again within 3 to 6 weeks. Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic offers physical therapy in the building, as well as regular check-ups following the surgery. Having these services consolidated under one roof means our doctors can more quickly respond to any irregularities or abnormal healing that might occur, making sure you heal as comfortably and quickly as possible.

What is revision joint replacement?

Even the highest quality joint replacements can wear down over time, and some replacements will need to be replaced after ten or fifteen years. Revision joint replacement is simply the replacement of a joint replacement, and is as quick and easy as the initial surgery. Regular check-ups with our doctors will help them track the condition of your replacement, allowing our doctors to address any potential issues before they become a more severe problem.

How common is joint replacement?

As the population continues to age, The number of joint replacements performed is climbing. Replacement is an increasingly reliable and effective option for severe arthritis, and a common source of relief for many patients.